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  • 05/16/2018 5:54 PM | Deleted user

    Oviedo, FL 

    Another season has come and gone for the spring youth program. The Chuluota Sportsmen's Club hosted another great series of sessions focused on introducing local youngsters to safe shooting sports. This was a six week program, with children ages from 10 to 16. The youngsters learned firearm safety and shooting with the club's 22 rifles. The instructors were quite impressed with the talent that the kids demonstrated during the six weeks. Some were had some limited experience, but for most it was their first exposure to shooting. A number of different targets used each week provided a variety of opportunities to learn and later compete. Balloons, regular paper targets, large playing cards were all used in shooting games.  For a finale. we had a mock silhouette competition.

    Several children have shown interest in competing with other youth programs throughout the area.

    In the fall we will begin another season, again starting with a safety program, this time with 20g shotguns. This time the program will be centered on shooting clay birds and ending with shooting trap.

    Pictures are provided to show the various children and targets. We had a great group. The instructors are outstanding. See Media Gallery on Home page for photos.

    Stephanie Wilson

    Chuluota Sportsmen's Club

  • 05/12/2018 8:50 AM | Deleted user

    We'll have both IHMSA (at Geneva) and NRA (at Chuluota) silhouette matches this month. Lots of information, so here goes.

    We'll shoot IHMSA on Saturday (5/12). Big day as this will also be a club swap meet. The swap meet will start at 8:00 am and will run until around noon. Food and drinks will be provided by the boy scouts.  They do a good job and put out a great burger.  Any item, gun related or not, may be bought, sold or traded.

    We are shooting first relay at 0830 so that everyone can shoot and get out before my sweat level gets too high. This will be the last opportunity for SCGAA members to shoot IHMSA qualifying scores for the 2018 club championship, but you can still enter scores from smallbore, CMP high power and benchrest. Right now, 2 members have completed the 3 scores needed to qualify - so it is wide open - you can win the trophy. 

    We expect extra visitors (and hopefully participants) to the range, so please be considerate of those shooting for championship points. Remember our range safety rules, and do not bring firearms onto the line, cased or uncased, during cold range periods. Open chamber flags are required. Also, this will be the last match before summer break.

    NOAA calling for mostly sunny, with a high near 88. Light east wind increasing to 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon, prepare to stay hydrated. Non-member entry fee for all SCGAA competition events is $15, call my cell 407-415-1707 for gate entry. Hope's number is 407-415-2112 as a backup.  Remember, cell coverage is not so good out there, so keep trying. Early arrivals to help set up are always appreciated.

    This Sunday (5/13), the Chuluota sportsman's club will be hosting NRA silhouette competition. Yes, Mother’s Day, so bring mom out too. $5 per relay entry. Setup at about 8:00, match starts at 9. We shoot hunter's pistol, small bore rifle, and cowboy rifle. Both iron sights and scopes are permitted, except cowboy rifle is irons only. NRA hunter's pistol starts at 9am and we shoot 2 relays. Early arrivals to help set up are appreciated.  Smallbore and cowboy rifle at Chuluota starts about 1130-1200. 

    Please remember that central Florida rifle and pistol club hosts smallbore rifle silhouette on the last Sunday, setup starting at noon.  Contact us for more information.

    Any questions, please email or call.

    Bill and Hope

  • 04/12/2018 8:08 AM | Deleted user
    Weather getting warmer in April and the turnouts are getting better. 20 Hunter's Pistol Silhouette relays fired at Chuluota Sportsmen's Club on Sunday 4/8.

    Some good scores turned in both bigbore and smallbore competition. Joe L, visiting from Wisconsin, had the high overall score for the day with a 30. Greg S led all smallbore shooters with a 26.

    Lighter turnout for rifle competition, but Mary W's fine 28 was tops there. Special thanks to several club officers for standing in to help Match Director Rod B. Next match will be Sunday 5/13.

    Highlight scores- Bigbore Irons
    • Joe L 29
    Bigbore Scopes
      • Joe L 30
      • Tim D 15
    • Smallbore Irons
      • Tim D 20 Dean 13
    • Smallbore Scopes
      • Greg S 26
      • John H 23
      • Jerry S 19

    Saturday, 4/7, Seminole County Gun and Archery (SCGAA) held their monthly IHMSA shoot. 10 participants, but some good scores and light lunch provided by the club. Scores fired during the match can be submitted as qualifiers for the 2018 SCGAA club championship, which runs in April and May. The championship requires participating in at least 3 of the club's 4 regular monthly disciplines including IHMSA Silhouette, Smallbore Prone, Benchrest and CMP Highpower.

    Next match will be Saturday May 12. Special reminder for participants in Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club's Ladies Day on April 14, smallbore rifle silhouette targets will be setup to give our favorite game a try. Highlight scores-
    • Smallbore UAS
      • Bill H 40
      • Don T 37
    • Bigbore UAS
      • Bill H 38
    • Bigbore Production
      • Joe L 37
    • Cowboy Rifle
      • Don T 16
      • Hope H 13

    Bill and Hope Hyde Oviedo, FL
  • 04/06/2018 9:17 AM | Deleted user

    Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club hosted the Metric Prone Regional Match on the first week of March, 2018.  Fifteen shooters participated in the event with two juniors travelling from Lakeland area, Emma James and Kyle.  Len Remaly, a veteran four-position shooter from Massachusetts provided the description of weather conditions below.

    Special appreciation to Al, Mick, Luke, and Sean for their efforts in running the match.  Congrats to EmmaJames and Kyle on their performance with some windy and cool conditions.   Len Remaly supplied a report on the conditions – as Matt was in the statistical office

    Both match days started cool in the low 50's to high 40's on Sunday, but warmed up to low 70's or so, after several days in the high 70's and low 80's.  Some Locals complained about the cool temperatures, but not Massachusetts resident Len Remaly, who was skiing on deep snow in Vermont just before driving south to shoot the match and visit family.

    As for wind during your match, the first day, the high wind I recorded was about 19.5 MPH, and 26 MPH on Sunday.  Both days, winds switched around pretty much all day with 50 yds. flags and wind at the firing point seldom in agreement and mirage hard to read and different from flags.  There were some good targets, but everyone had the honor of getting some surprise very wide shots that usually did not correlate with prediction.  Shawn Wells shot a fine(metric) 196 to start the (second) Any sight day off with Len Remaly 2 points behind in wind starting to break 15 mph.

    Shawn Wells took top honors and skillfully worked hard to win the gold medal.  Austin Fletcher worked just as hard and won individual matches in the close competition

  • 02/16/2018 3:03 PM | Deleted user

    Great weekend for silhouette in central Florida.

    IHMSA match in Seminole county gun and archery on Saturday and NRA match at Chuluota sportsmen’s club on Sunday. Warm weather both days for a nice change and the wind wasn’t much of a factor until later in the morning- good especially for small-bore shooters. Good turnouts both Saturday and Sunday, with an added bonus of the swap meet and the boy scouts providing burgers and dogs in Geneva on Saturday. New shooters at both matches, hopefully they’ll become regulars. Many thanks for the extra help with setup both days.


    SCGAA IHMSA Matches




    Bill H


    Jerry S


    Don T






    Jerry S


    Joe L


    Don T




    Bigbore Standing


    Joe L




    Field Pistol


    Tim D


    Hope H




    Smallbore Cowboy


    Hope H


    Pat B




    Bigbore Cowboy


    Tim W





    Chuluota NRA Silhouette









    Smallbore Scopes



    Bill H



    David O



    John H






    Smallbore Irons



    Jerry S



    Tim D






    Bigbore Scopes



    Joe L



    David O






    Smallbore Cowboy Rifle



    Mary W



    Bill H



    Hope H






    Bigbore Cowboy Rifle



    David K



  • 10/30/2017 6:23 PM | Deleted user

    Results from October 2017 Florida Small-Bore State Championship Conventional Prone

    Grand Aggregate:

    • State Champion  Austin Fletcher
      • 1st Master : Alan Sherman
      • 1st Expert: Randall G. Hatheway
      • 1st Marksman: Doug Voda
    •  Metallic sights
    • Match Winner:  Austin Fletcher
    • 1st Master : Alan Sherman
    • 1st Expert: Randall G. Hatheway
    • 1st Marksman: Doug Voda
    • Any Sights
    • Match Winner:  Matt McHale
    • 1st Master : Mark Marinoff
    • 1st Expert: Randall G. Hatheway

    Click to see complete results...

  • 10/08/2017 4:33 PM | Deleted user


    NRA State Precision Pistol Championship

    .22 Caliber Only Aggregate Match

    NRA Distinguished Revolver Match

     with CMP Service Pistol EIC Match and CMP .22 RIMFIRE EIC Pistol Match

    Sponsored by The Florida Sports Shooting Association 

    Hosted by Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club

    Date:  October 14 and 15, 2017

    Location:  Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, 9301 Zambito Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210

    Eligibility:  Open to any individual.  However, The State Champion must be a Florida State resident and current Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA) member. Refer to NRA Precision Pistol rules for further guidance. Click here for additional event information... or go to Events/Goggle  Calendar

  • 10/06/2017 6:31 PM | Deleted user

    The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters is a non-profit organization with chapters throughout the country.  Their motto is to Educate, Equip and Empower women in the shooting community.  They have over 350 chapters and over 12,000 members!  As a leader of the Jacksonville West chapter of The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), I was invited out to Provo, UT, to attend the annual Leaders Conference at the end of September.  This was truly an amazing! See full article...

  • 05/16/2017 4:26 PM | Deleted user


    See full article with photos... 


    NRA Distinguished Revolver







    Greg Markowski




    Christopher Hudock*




    Randy Erickson




    Robert Case




    Hurdis Davis




    Curt Brandt




    James Palumbo




    Mark Hayes




    Nestor Pena




    Jason Hawkins




    Luis Garcia




    Robert Treis






    High Woman




    CL       Name


    Center Fire

    .45 Caliber



    MA      Kim Radford






    MK      Jill Knerr






    EX      Sue Carter







    High Senior




    CL       Name


    Center Fire

    .45 Caliber



    EX      Jack Ragsdale






    EX      Robert Vogel






    SS      Russell Gill






    SS      Iry Kokol







    Team Matches






    Center Fire

    .45 Caliber









    USAR Greene





    Hardball Team Match

    Rank Team                                               Total  

    1              USAMU                                   1100-33

    2              USAR Greene                       989-14

  • 05/16/2017 4:02 PM | Deleted user



    Civilian Marksmanship Program Service Pistol & .22 Rimfire E.I.C. Match


    National Rifle Association Distinguished Revolver Match

    Article with photos...

    The 2017 Dixie Matches were held at Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, Jacksonville, FL on April 21st - 23rd.   This annual National Rifle Association (NRA) Regional Precision Pistol Championship continues to be a highlight for many Florida Bullseye shooters and was also attended by military and civilian competitors from several different states.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the weather was near perfect, giving many of the 45 shooters the opportunity to post some very good scores over the three day match.  Jim Henderson, a familiar competitor from the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) at Ft. Benning, Georgia, fired a 2665-151X to take “Top Gun” honors, winning the NRA Regional championship, and being named Dixie Match Champion.  Coming in second, also from the AMU was Greg Markowski, firing a 2663-162X.  Chris Hudock, another AMU shooter, finished third with a 2614-116X.  Winning the High Master Class was Jason Hedrick, a member of the Marine Forces Reserve, and last year's Dixie Champion, with a 2600-114X.  Top shots in the Master Class (Service) was Joshua Kingery of the AMU with a 2538-68X and Master Class (Civilian) was Eddy Grove (Pasadena, MD) with a 2577-82X.  Taking the Expert Class was Noel Burkhead (Gainesville, FL) firing a 2463-55X.  The high Sharpshooter/Marksman combined was Russ Gill (Apopka, FL) with a 2419-54X.  Winning the .22 Caliber Only Aggregate was Lori Fredriksen (Valrico, FL) with a 2225-20X.   Special Category Awards for High Service and Open Division shooter went to Jim Henderson (Midland, GA), High Civilian and High Veteran shooter was won by Wes Fleming (New Philadelphia, OH), High Senior shooter was won by Mike Milen (Orland Park, IL), High Women shooter went to Kimberly Hobart Fleming (New Philadelphia, OH), High Grand Senior was won by Eddy Grove (Pasadena, MD).  Winning the Metallic Division was Curt Brandt (Safety Harbor, FL).   The AMU won the overall team match (a combination of scores from the .22, Centerfire and .45 team matches) with combined total of 3476-148X.  Taking second place was a Service team from the Marine Forces Reserve, firing a 3162-70X.   There were four  Civilian 2 person teams entered, with the winning team of Lee and Wes Fleming firing a score of 1705-53X.  The NRA Distinguished Revolver Match had 21 shooters competing.  Winning the match was Greg Markowski (Columbus, GA) firing a 278-7X, followed by Jason Hedrick (Williamsburg, WV) with a 278-5X and finishing third was Greg Kitchens (Charleston, SC) with a 272-6X.  The CMP Service Pistol Match had 26 shooters, and was won by Jim Henderson with a 296-14X, followed by teammates Greg Markowski shooting a 286-8X and Chris Hudock finishing third with a 284-11X.  In only its third year of existence, the CMP's .22 Rimfire E.I.C. Match had 30 shooters competing.  Winning the match was Greg Markowski with a 291-13X, followed by Chris Hudock shooting a 286-9X and Joshua Kingery with a 281-7X.  Finally, three new range records were set.  Jim Henderson broke his 2007 Center Fire Slow Fire record, by shooting a 198-11X and also broke his 2012 CMP Service Pistol E.I.C. record with a score of 296-14X.  Greg Markowski set a new Center Fire Timed Fire range record by shooting a 200-19X.  

    The annual Dixie Match remains one of the best Bullseye matches in the southeast and continues to attract more shooters.  Among our first time competitors were collegiate shooters from The Citadel (Charleston, SC).  Match Director was Ted Carter.  Calling a superb line for all three days was Chief Range Officer John Michalski.  Assisting John to ensure a well run and safe line were Range Officers Marion Estes, David Poole, Larry Watkins and Dave Rifkin.  Randy Erickson assisted as Jury Chairman and provided logistical support for the match.  Recording and posting all scores were Chief Statistical Officer Sue Carter, assisted by Dana Baygents.  There were plenty of complements from the competitors on the excellent Bullseye facilities at Gateway and the friendly, professional and safety conscious staff.    

    Many thanks to all the competitors for their support, some driving hundreds of miles to attend the match.  A special Thank You to Brownells Inc. and Rand CLP for generously providing merchandise prizes for our match.  Finally, a well earned thanks goes out to the Dixie match staff, the Gateway range officers, office staff and the range maintenance folks who made this another great shooting event.   Planning has already begun on the 2018 Dixie Match and we're looking forward to another exciting competition.

    For a complete listing of scores and match photos, please go to: http://www.grpc-jax.com/disciplines/outdoor_pistol.html



The Florida Sport Shooting Association  - June 2017

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