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October 2020

Hello Florida Sport Shooting Association Members,

Happy October and welcome to the fall season.  With summer behind us, and despite COVID-19, I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy some “trigger” time.  Despite the virus, FSSA has been and will be able to support several state championships, and FSSA was proud to be able to provide support to several of our “juniors” at a national championship event.  More on that later.

Election day is coming fast, and early voting is just days away from starting.  To all of us, our Second Amendment freedoms are a top priority to protect.  No matter if you are a hunter, collector, recreational or competitive shooter or maybe all of them…coach, student, young, older, man or women, we all enjoy our shooting rights.  Going to the range is a way of life for my wife and I, and for many of you as well.  This is what we do, and our Constitution guarantees our right to keep and bear arms.  At the local, state, and national levels, the difference in the candidates’ view of our gun rights are like night and day.  You know that…you also know how important it is to keep pro Second Amendment folks in office, and “on the bench”.  I have every confidence that FSSA members will vote.  Thank you!  I ask that you please make every effort to encourage and assist others like you to get out and vote.   

With the NRA, CMP and USA Shooting National Championships cancelled this summer due to COVID-19, FSSA saw an opportunity to support seven of our juniors to compete in the ASSA Smallbore Rifle national championships.  Board members Jayme Shipley, Lake Yoke and Jennifer Stanton did all the planning, brought equipment and were onsite helping our juniors shoot well, but more importantly have a great experience.  Congratulations to FSSA’s juniors and their coaches for representing Florida at the championships.  Dates for some of the NRA and CMP 2021 championships have been set.  FSSA looks forward to supporting our teams at these and other championships next year.

Within Florida, it is great to see state championships this year in Silhouette Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, High Power Rifle and Precision Pistol.  Additionally, there are multiple clubs running monthly matches. My thanks to the competitors who attend these events. But a special thanks to the clubs and match volunteers who make the time to run these events.  THANK YOU, and I look forward to announcing our 2020 state champions at our annual members meeting in January.

I am immensely proud of all our shooters, volunteers and our FSSA Directors that work to support FSSA’s shooting programs.  Well done!!

FSSA needs your help as a director!  We have several vacant director positions, and I’m asking you, our members, to consider how you can help your state association.  Please contact me at president@flssa.org to ask about our vacant positions, recommend a candidate or to self-nominate.  We appreciate and need your help.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, or any of your officers and directors with any questions or comments, or for any shooting discipline specific information.  We're here to serve our members and our member clubs.

Thank you for everything you do to support and help grow our state association.


FSSA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The FSSA website has a link for members and non-members to make a charitable contribution to our state association, and your gift may be tax deductible. To make a donation, click the link "Make a donation to FSSA". The donation can be designated to any of our discipline programs, our junior activities or our general fund. 

Last updated October, 2020


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Florida Juniors Update

This week we are proud to announce that Florida juniors are competing at the American Smallbore Shooting Association's National Championships. The match is being hosted at the Wa-Ke'-De Range in Bristol, Indiana. This will be the only smallbore nationals held this year since NRA, CMP and other organizations have canceled. FSSA provided considerable support toward transportation and lodging for this match, as well as team fees.

The match will consist of 10 days of outdoor shooting events. The prone matches will be 640 record shots at distances of 50 yards, 50 meters, and 100 yards. Three-position matches will test shooters on the challenging 50 meter metric target over two days of rigorous competition with the best of the nation on the firing line.

Matt Sanchez and Mary Tucker, 2020 Olympians and junior national record holders, will be teaming up once again for the junior team event. 

The FSSA team will include James Doucett, Carson Wood, Kara Janowski, Emma Stanton, and Lake Yoke. Coaches Jamie Shipley, Lake Yoke and Jayme Shipley will be on the line coaching the shooters. Our juniors will be competing with shooters from across the nation, representing organizations such as the AMU, USA Shooting, NRA Champions and many more! 

This is also an exciting match for our organization as our FSSA Junior Director, Jayme Shipley, has the distinct honor of taking the ceremonial first shot of the competition. We are very excited for this match and look forward to sending updates!

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