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Dear FSSA members,

Happy Independence Day! May God continue to bless our great nation as we celebrate…and as we take a moment to honor all those who worked so hard, who risked so much, and especially those who gave their all so that the United States could be and remain the Land of the Free. Have the best day possible! I encourage you to take the opportunity to do some hunting, recreational or competitive shooting sometime soon, and bring a friend or family member. Enjoy your Second Amendment Freedoms! I know I do!

I was shocked to hear that there may be several million lawful firearm owners who are not registered to vote in the upcoming elections. I won’t belabor the point…too much, but we need every Second Amendment patriot to get out and vote to ensure our 2A Freedom remain. The NRA and other pro 2A organizations are working hard on our behalf to defend pro-gun issues and promote candidates that will fight for our right to keep and bear arms. Let’s do our part to vote, get folks registered to vote, work in ways to support free and fair elections…let’s do all we can, and a little more to preserve our Constitutional right to lawfully own and safely use our firearms.

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NRA National Championships

National Pistol Championships
July 21-25, 2024
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

July 21 Packet Pickup
July 22 Packet Pickup/Opening Ceremony
July 22 Practice / Prelim (no awards) / Harry Reeves
July 23 .22 / .22 EIC
July 24 Centerfire / Service Pistol EIC
July 25 .45 / Distinguished Revolver

National Smallbore Conventional Championship
July 27 – August 4, 2024
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

July 27 Packet Pickup
July 28 Prone Packet Pickup/Squadded Practice
July 28-Aug 1 Prone and F-Class
Aug 1 3-Position Packet Pickup
Aug 2-4 3-Position

National High Power Championships
August 5-19, 2024
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

Aug 5 Packet Pickup
Aug 6-9 OTC
Aug 10 EIC Leg Match
Aug 10 MR Packet Pickup
Aug 11, 12, 13 MR Team
Aug 11-14 MR Course
Aug 15 LR Packet Pickup
Aug 16-17 LR
Aug 18 Palma Individual
Aug 19 Palma Team

National Silhouette Championship - Lever Action Rifle
July 2-6, 2024
Raton, New Mexico

July 2     Registration / Practice
July 3-4  Lever Action 40 Shot Matches each Day
July 5     Pistol Cartridge 60 Shot Match
July 6     Smallbore 60 Shot Match

National Silhouette Smallbore Championships
Ridgway, Pennsylvania


National Silhouette High Power Championships
Ridgway, Pennsylvania


National Silhouette Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Championships
Raton, New Mexico

National F-Class Championships
Lodi, Wisconsin

Mar 15 Entry Opens
Aug 10-13 Mid-Range
Aug 14-17 Long Range

National Smallbore Metric Prone Championship

March 9-10, 2024
Ben Avery Shooting Range
Phoenix, Arizona

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