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March 2018 - Metric Prone Regional Match

04/06/2018 9:17 AM | Deleted user

Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club hosted the Metric Prone Regional Match on the first week of March, 2018.  Fifteen shooters participated in the event with two juniors travelling from Lakeland area, Emma James and Kyle.  Len Remaly, a veteran four-position shooter from Massachusetts provided the description of weather conditions below.

Special appreciation to Al, Mick, Luke, and Sean for their efforts in running the match.  Congrats to EmmaJames and Kyle on their performance with some windy and cool conditions.   Len Remaly supplied a report on the conditions – as Matt was in the statistical office

Both match days started cool in the low 50's to high 40's on Sunday, but warmed up to low 70's or so, after several days in the high 70's and low 80's.  Some Locals complained about the cool temperatures, but not Massachusetts resident Len Remaly, who was skiing on deep snow in Vermont just before driving south to shoot the match and visit family.

As for wind during your match, the first day, the high wind I recorded was about 19.5 MPH, and 26 MPH on Sunday.  Both days, winds switched around pretty much all day with 50 yds. flags and wind at the firing point seldom in agreement and mirage hard to read and different from flags.  There were some good targets, but everyone had the honor of getting some surprise very wide shots that usually did not correlate with prediction.  Shawn Wells shot a fine(metric) 196 to start the (second) Any sight day off with Len Remaly 2 points behind in wind starting to break 15 mph.

Shawn Wells took top honors and skillfully worked hard to win the gold medal.  Austin Fletcher worked just as hard and won individual matches in the close competition

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